helo kitty

abraham zapruder

when i was a kid i saw the jfk movie by oliver stone.

this film left an impression on me. i did not really follow the story but i enjoyed the aesthetic. the story was well told, all the ups and downs were perfectly timed, and the pictures and colors were nice and this is what worked. all the actors were genius. i liked the fat guy.

one of the things that stayed in my memory was this super cool word: zapruder. it kept being repeated in the movie and it was such a good sounding word. in the whole business of this film this word was like a complete alien. like a god who came down. it seemed so important, as if its absence would make things totally different. it is the catalyst. every great story should have it's zapruder.

years after it still rings in my ears: zapruder zapruder zapruder...

such a great word!

by Nikola Tosic